With 60 highly qualified employees, engineers and software developers, we cover a large spectrum in the area of numerical simulation and system development.


Company portrait: calculation area

Our team of calculation engineers of various disciplines offers you extensive experience in the area of calculation of general strength problems using the finite element method.


Company portrait: software development area

For project outsourcing and complete developments, you need the team of engineers and computer scientists that Kube has: flexible enough for unusual, innovative solutions and experienced enough for an absolute level in security and for offering solid and practical proposals.


Kube Insight 01/09
Kube GmbH offers you calculation services that include the detailed analyzes of individual components or groups of components as well as integral considerations of complex systems

Kube Insight 02/09
Adjustment of a tire model with the simulation of a driving over a curb

Kube Insight 03/09

Test application with an intelligent camera for color detection with LED

Kube Insight 01/10

Modular model construction in a racing car as example

Kube Insight 02/10

Nonlinear calculations with implicit solvers

Kube Insight 03/10

Microcontroller programming:

"Low Power" design in the example of a wireless sensor network

Kube Insight 04/10

Simulation of a drop test:

FE simulation of the drop test of a softball for adjusting the foam material

Kube Insight 05/10

Material failure:

Material failure in the example of the cracking process of a connecting rod

Kube Insight 06/10

Fiber-reinforced compounds: 

Simulation of fiber-reinforced compounds with sandwich building method

Kube Insight 07/10

Fiber-reinforced compounds and ply books

Kube Insight 08/10

Testing of software updates:

Updating distributed systems

Kube Insight 09/10

Implementation of a tracking center

Kube Insight 10/10

Complete vehicle safety:

Crash simulation from the prototypes to the serial production in car development